Hair Analysis Laboratories are Different in terms of

Quality Control and Interpretation Capabilities!


The information in this web-site is based on hair analysis provided by Trace Elements, Inc and International Trace Elements Laboratory. All hair analysis laboratories are different in terms of their quality control and interpretation of the report. TEI stands out as a leader in the field.


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What can HTMA tell you:


Standard Information:

All hair analysis laboratories should be able to tell you the following information:

  • Exposure to and accumulation of Toxic Elements

  • Nutritional mineral deficiency or excess

  • Nutritional balance or imbalances

  • Toxic/Nutrient ratios

Quality Process Control Matters:

Although all hair analysis laboratories can provide the above information, not all laboratories can provide an accurate analysis. This is especially true for laboratories that do not have an elaborate quality control for their analysis process. For example:

  • Mercury is highly volatile. Mercury vapor can escape during the digestion process, giving rise to inaccurate readings.

  • The cleaning process to prepare the hair for analysis can remove essential information from the hair sample.

Generally, laboratories that provide analysis at a low price then to compromise on quality control, leading to inaccurate and inconsistent results


The type of equipment used for the analysis also determines the price of hair analysis. Laboratories that use the latest and most advanced equipment for consistency and accuracy will charge more for an analysis.

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Additional Information provided by TEI:

In addition to the standard information, TEI's advanced interpretation capabilities can provide the following information from the hair analysis profile:

  • Thyroid function

  • Adrenal function

  • Behavioral tendencies

  • Emotional tendencies

  • Possible physical symptoms one may experience

  • Possible causes of toxic element exposure or accumulation

  • Possible causes of nutritional deficiencies or excesses

  • Suggestions on foods to avoid until next evaluation

  • Suggestions on foods to increase intake until next evaluation

  • Food allergies, if any

  • Disease trends (in Doctor's report)

  • Recommendation of nutritional supplements according to hair analysis profile

The complete set of hair analysis report from TEI can be 20 to 35 pages while other laboratories provide 6 to 8 pages. This is a vast amount of information about what's going on in your body! Have a look at the sample report, you will see that none other comes close.

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