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Asia’s First Neurofeedback Centre (Established 1995)

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Intervention programs

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Dr. Kenneth Kang, Ph.D.

Founder of Spectrum Learning (1995)

  • Ph.D. (Educ Psych), PGDE
  • First neurofeedback practitioner in Asia
  • Neurofeedback Consultant/Trainer
  • QEEG Specialist
  • Nutritional Consultant
  • Chief Scientist
  • Hypnotherapist (NGH)

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Asia’s First Neurofeedback Center

We are Asia’s first neurofeedback center. We started offering neurofeedback therapy in 1995.

Asia’s First QEEG Center

We started QEEG analysis in 2005. We are the first in Asia to offer QEEG analysis for neurofeedback.

We are Pioneers:

Although neurofeedback started at UCLA in the early 1970s, it was only made commercially available in the late 1980s. We are among the pioneers in neurofeedback and QEEG fields in the world. We constantly upgrade our knowledge and skills by attending conferences and training courses by leading institutions in the world.

We have seen the field of neurofeedback and QEEG evolve over the years. We are familiar with the different types of neurofeedback such as frequency training, infra-low frequency training, z-Score, LENS, sLoreta and etc. We have offered these types of neurofeedback and have progressed further to develop our own neurofeedback protocols based on our experience and research with the Asian population.

Equipment & software development:

The in-house equipment development that we do directly benefits our clients. Through our in-house R&D, we have developed our own neurofeedback equipment and software. This has enabled us to provide a cost effective neurofeedback home training program, making long term or intensive neurofeedback affordable for our clients.

We have also developed hardware and software for other therapies that we have such as sound and NIR therapy.

This makes us both practitioners and equipment developers. As such, we have the flexibility of customizing our training/therapy equipment and software to meet the needs of our clients. Other centers rely on other equipment manufacturers for equipment used in their intervention. Most practitioners are not technical people and are not able to communicate clearly their requirements to the manufacturer. Likewise, equipment manufacturers do not fully understand the needs of the clients. As such, most practitioners provide rigid protocols due to equipment and software limitations.

QEEG analysis deals with an enormous amount of EEG information. Most QEEG softwares provide standard analysis. We develop our own QEEG analysis softwares to complement existing ones. This has enabled us to analyze the EEG data in greater detail and to extract more information from the data. This makes our QEEG analysis more elaborate than other centers. With this flexibility, we have also developed our unique QEEG procedures.

Certification Courses:

We aim to promote the professional use of neurofeedback and QEEG in this region. These are such wonderful tools that can help improve the lives of many people. We feel that more should embark on using neurofeedback.

As this field is very new in Asia, there is a need to provide training courses to increase the depth of knowledge and professionalism in this field. Many new neurofeedback practitioners in Asia do not even know their neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. Most will provide anecdotal explanation on how it works. We also find that many are doing it wrong.

We provide an introductory course, a practitioner’s course and an advance course in neurofeedback and QEEG. Many of our students who have completed the training have set up neurofeedback centers in this region (Affiliates).

The introductory course is for beginners. It is practical oriented and also for parents who wish to embark on our home training program.

The practitioner’s course is to equip one with the essential knowledge and experience to work on clients effectively.

The advance course is for researchers, brain enthusiast or anyone who wants to have a deep understanding of how our brain works.

We provide training and consultation support for the MITSAR QEEG equipment in this region.

About Us

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Who are we?

We are a bunch of people who are passionate about using science and technology to help children and adults with learning and developmental issues. We focus on the brain as it is the centre that controls all aspects of our learning, behavior and emotions.

We are relentless in our pursuit to fulfill our mission. We started with just offering neurofeedback therapy in 1995.  In our quest to improve the effectiveness of our intervention, we have integrated many types of therapies and assessments into our programs.

We are continuously evaluating new therapies, conducting in-house research experiments and combing through journals. We also work with practitioners in other fields such as chiropractors, naturopaths, Irlen practitioners and medical professionals to offer a comprehensive solution.

All our neuro-therapists are selected for their passion in this field. They are equipped with the knowledge and skills through continuous in-house training programs and research projects. They also have gentle and caring personalities.

Since 1995, we have been providing effective help for clients. Over the years, we have worked with a wide variety of disorders (see Interventions) successfully. Our intervention programs have enabled our clients to function better, leading to improvements in the quality of their lives and of those love-ones around them.

We are different …

Our intervention programs are different from conventional treatments and interventions. Conventionally, treatments are usually medication, counselling and behavioral therapies or psycho-therapies. These conventional interventions do not look into what is going on in the brain. They are based on observable behaviors or symptoms and usually do not address the underlying causes.

We provide a comprehensive intervention and we actually look at what is going on inside the brain and the body to try to determine possible causes. We have tools that enable us to see what is going on inside our head (QEEG) in a safe and non-invasive manner. We use scientific tests to assess the body’s biochemistry to understand what is happening inside.

We recognize that everyone is unique. We assess each individual using a range of specialized laboratory tests and QEEG (brain mapping) assessment. This enables us to tailor an intervention/training program specially for each client (Overview of training programs). We believe that having a good assessment is half the battle won.

Brain based research:

The in-house research that we do are those that directly benefit our clients. The QEEG analysis has allowed us to research into what goes on in our heads in a safe and non-invasive manner. We have investigated how our brain respond to:

Our QEEG analysis is much more elaborate than what other centers are doing. We include looking into dynamic changes in the brain while on tasks. With this elaborate analysis, we are able to uncover much more information about how one uses his/her brain. This enables us to prescribe specific neurofeedback training protocols specially for each client.

With our QEEG analysis, we are able to tease out the differences between Asian clients and those from western countries. We know why clients in this region do not respond in the same way as those from western countries.

With brain based research, we continuously innovate to produce new brain based training programs. The brain-base reading and vocabulary programs are examples of our innovation.

We collaborate with researchers from universities and other research centers to explore deeper into the mysteries of our mind and brain.

Biochemistry research:

Our biochemistry assessments allows us to research deeper into how our body’s biochemistry affect our mind-brain. In the field of Autism, research around the world has uncovered a wide variety of internal causes or aggravating factors. It is also established that toxic elements  and nutritional imbalances can affect the developing brain.

We comb through research journals and textbooks to find the linkage. This research has equipped us with the knowledge to recommend a wide range of nutritional supplements, from the basic nutrients of vitamins and minerals to more advanced amino acids, herbs and even precursors to certain neurotransmitters. We can also translate these recommendations into dietary changes and lifestyle changes.

Over the years, we have accumulated valuable experience in recommending nutrition, detoxification and dietary regimes to our clients.

Body structure:

We even investigate into how our physical structure such as spine curvature can affect our brain function. Spinal curvature, posture and skull shape can affect our brain function. We find that EEGs do change when these physical problems are corrected.


To help individuals improve the quality of their lives through improving their brain function.

Asia’s First

Neurofeedback Center (1995)

Asia’s First

QEEG Center (2005)