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What is PDD-NOS?

Pervasive Developmental Disorder not otherwise specified is a specific disorder in Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). PDD refers to a group of disorders which includes the Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Rett Syndrome and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (CDD).

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a subgroup of disorders which includes autism disorder, Apserger’s Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS).

Symptoms of PDD-NOS

No two individuals with PDD-NOS are exactly alike. It is common for individuals with PDD-NOS to have more intact social skills and a lower level of intellectual deficit than individuals with other PDD’s. Characteristics of many individuals with PDD-NOS are:

Studies suggest that persons with PDD-NOS belong to one of three very different subgroups:

Diagnosis of PDD-NOS

The diagnosis of PDD–NOS is given to individuals with difficulties in the areas of social interaction, communication, or stereotyped behavior patterns or interests, but who do not meet the full DSM-IV criteria for autism, Apserger’s or another PDD.

PDD-NOS is a term formulated when practitioners cannot categorize an individual’s autistic or PDD-like symptoms definitively, due to there being not enough types of symptoms exhibited.

However, this does not mean PDD-NOS is a less severe disorder or too be taken lightly. Although the types of maladaptive symptoms exhibited in PDD-NOS sufferers are less relative to an autistic patient’s, the intensity of the symptoms could be of high severity, sometimes enough to utterly impair one’s ability to interact with the world around him or her.

The diagnosis of PDD-NOS may require the involvement of a team of specialists. The individual needs to undergo a full diagnostic evaluation, including a thorough medical, social, adaptive, motor skills and communication history. Other parts of an assessment can be behavioral rating scales, direct behavioral observations, psychological assessment, educational assessment, communication assessment, and occupational assessment.


PDD-NOS Symptoms and Diagnosis

Finding the Causes

Most clinicians do not bother about the causes as diagnosis is based on behavioral symptoms …   

At Spectrum Learning, we have been investigating the possible causes …

Test and Assessments Interventions


Will my child outgrow PDD-NOS?

Unfortunately not if their condition is left untreated.

Therapy and training can help people with PDD-NOS to overcome the limitations imposed by the condition.

At Spectrum Learning, we have helped many Autistic children to overcome their limitations!

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Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Pervasive Dev Disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS)

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Symptoms & Diagnosis

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